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Unity Point Multiage Classrooms

Goals for the Multiage Program

A.   Program Goals:

  1. Maintain the multiage classroom with a diverse mixture of mixed ages.
  2. Promote unity, diversity, and success through developmentally appropriate practices. 

B.     Classroom Goals:

  1. Spend time teaching the procedures/routines of our classroom.
  2. Establish a class meeting system
  3. Use varied teaching methods, keeping in mind individual learners
  4. Make use of flexible grouping
  5. Develop responsible, self directed students
  6. Foster student’s social growth
  7. Include parents/family in the learning process
  8. Base assessment on individual growth and development 

C.     Instructional Goals:

  1. Employ a theme-based curriculum to teach concepts
  2. Use mini-lessons to teach skills
  3. Gear instruction to individual needs
  4. Emphasize community in the classroom
  5. Utilize authentic assessment
  6. Help children locate material for research projects
  7. Provide opportunities for peer tutoring

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