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Unity Point Multiage Classrooms

The Rationale for the Multiage Classroom

The rationale includes the following components:

·         Knowing the children over time increases the teacher’s understanding of the child’s needs and how s/he learns best

·         Enables the student to build a secure relationship with the teacher and allows the teacher to get to know the child

·         Opportunity for all the children to be both the younger and older members of a peer group

·         Opportunity for “academic eavesdropping” and other ways to move ahead at own rate

·         Skills and facts are presented in a context of strategies and concepts that can be tools for further learning

·         Children can work with children of similar skill level but of different chronological age.

·         Diversity in the maturity of the students fosters the development of social skills and teamwork skills

·         Cooperative learning builds a sense of community as children form educational bonds

·         Enlisting parental involvement widens the opportunities for success for each child

·         An integrated curriculum helps to make content areas more meaningful and true-to-life which enable children to learn and retain more.


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