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3rd Grade
Prodigy Math
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Spelling City
Weather and Climate
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Useful Links

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Folder: Fly, Eagle, Fly 
Fly, Eagle, Fly
Folder: Sukis Kimono 
Sukis Kimono
Folder: Jalapeno Bagels 
Jalapeno Bagels
Folder: Statue of Liberty 
Statue of Liberty
Folder: Two Bad Ants 
Two Bad Ants
Folder: Olympics 
Folder: Boom Town 
Boom Town
Folder: What About Me 
What About Me
Folder: If You Made a Million 
If You Made a Million
Folder: A Days Work 
A Days Work
Folder: Williams House 
Williams House
Folder: Hottest Coldest 
Hottest Coldest
Folder: America's Champion Swimmer 
America's Champion Swimmer
Folder: President 
Folder: Penguin Chick 
Penguin Chick
Folder: Prudys Problem 
Prudys Problem
Folder: Symphony of Whales 
Symphony of Whales
Folder: Volcano 
Folder: Kumak's Fish 
Kumak's Fish
Folder: I Wanna Iguana 
I Wanna Iguana
Folder: My Rows and Piles of Coins 
My Rows and Piles of Coins
Folder: Thanksgiving on Thursday 
Thanksgiving on Thursday
Folder: How Do You Raise a Raisin 
How Do You Raise a Raisin
Folder: Seeing Stars 
Seeing Stars
Folder: Around One Cactus 
Around One Cactus
Folder: The Man Who Invented Basketball 
The Man Who Invented Basketball
Folder: Atlantis 
Folder: Tops and Bottoms 
Tops and Bottoms
Folder: Fairy Tales 
Fairy Tales
Folder: Amazing Bird Nests 
Amazing Bird Nests
Folder: Pushing Up the Sky 
Pushing Up the Sky
Folder: Charlie McButton 
Charlie McButton
Folder: The Lemonade War 
The Lemonade War
Folder: Rocks in His Head 
Rocks in His Head
Folder: Dr Seuss Activities 
Dr Seuss Activities
Kennedy's page
Plot, Setting, Theme practice
Guess the Setting
A Bad Case of Stripes
Listen to the story "A Bad Case of Stripes" read aloud
Building a Sod House
goes with Boom Town