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Unity Point Booster Club.


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One of the challenges of any organization is to let people know who you are and to get them involved in what you do.  The Unity Point Booster Club is no exception.  Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who can be members of the Booster Club?
Parents, teachers, grandparents, school administrators and community members can join the Booster Club.

How do I join?
and return the membership form with your dues to the school office.  Click below for membership forms.

What does the Booster Club do?
The mission of the Booster Club is to promote school spirit, as well as support and enhance extra curricular activities in art, music and athletics.  Some of the Club's activities include sponsoring awards receptions for fine arts and athletics, fundraising, purchasing supplies requested by activity sponsors, and organizing school spirit events.

My child is not old enough to participate in extra curricular activities why should I join?
The Booster Club is not only concerned with supporting these programs but also in helping to build programs for the future.


 Booster Board




Co-Presidents - Tara Lowndes & Stacey Silver-Teutrine

Vice President - Tina Moon

Secretary - Cash Johnson

Treasurer - Lori Martin

Athletic Director - Jeremy Marshall




Brenden and Noelle Banz

Sadie, Max, Rick and Cash Johnson

The Meredith Family

Lucy & Frances Chipman

Erin, Spencer & Eli Sagaskie

Vincent, Eric & Teresa Snyder

Ryan, Marissa & Colton McKee

Ben, Tiffany, Jesse, Mason & Lily Rowan

Matt, Liz, Sam and Max Blake

Mike, Kim & Nathanael Maddox

Paula Liller & RC Stearns

Ericka,Jeff & Jordan Grubbs

Sylvia &Giorgia Thoms

Lee & Pam Stevenson

Aaron, Kerry, Jarrett & Kayce Glenn

The family of Penellope Rhodes- Sansone

Amy, Mike, Alyvia & Aubrey Bergman

Marissa & Tim Baxter

Joe, Tina & Ella Moon

Cody Mitchell & Dawn & Myla Seward

Thara & David Lowndes

The Holzmueller Family

Chuck, Diane, Ella & Averie Summerlin

The Pohlman Family

Mary Beth Goff

Jenny & Louie Hertter

Amanda, Greg & Everett Pangrazio

Dr. Lori James-Gross

Stacey, Jon and Carter Teutrine

Ira and Pam Altman

D.W.,Jennifer,Will & Emmerson Presley

Kurt, Lori & Natalie Martin

Mavis,Emerson,Ella Grace &Andrew Adjei

Jamie, Michelle, Danielle, Liz and Snyder

Ron, Aline, Daphne, David & Naomi Johnson

Derrick,Rachel,Philamina & Alyia Holtrop

Ken, Jen & Alexandra Rhude

The Garvey Family

Craig and Jill Davis

The Brown Family

Ethan and Meadow Feloni