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 Shared Resources - (Series Items)

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  Math - PARCC Practice
  FTC OnGuardOnline Security Tips
  Back to School with EL's
  Blackboard Connect Login
  Florida Center for Reading Research
  Laws Affecting ICT
  Professional Development Links
  IOER Database
  ISLE Educator Dashboard

 Subscription Links

  Renaissance Place
  BrainPOP Jr.
  BrainPOP Espanol
  Career Cruising Advisor Page
  Explore Learning - Gizmos
  My Math log in
  World Book Encyclopedia Online
  World Book Online Teacher Tutorial
  Pearson Success Net Reading Textbook
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 ‭(Hidden)‬ Total Solar Eclipse 2017

  YouTube: Alaska Airlines Solar Eclipse Flight #870
  2017 Eclipse Path
  Eclipse Classroom Activities
  Primary Science Standards
  Looking at a Standard
  SIU Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Teacher Resources
  SIU Total Solar Eclipse 2017 General Scientific Resources
  Southern Illinois Teacher Eclipse Groups Science Activities
  Activity: How Can The Little Moon Hide The GIANT Sun?
  Why Do Eclipses Happen?
  Citizen Cate
  Bob Miller - Light Walk
  YouTube: Bob Miller - Light Walk (1982) - Exploratorium
  Mr. Eclipse - Solar Eclipses for Beginners
  Scientific Visualization Studio: 2017 Eclipse from L1
  Scientific Visualization Studio: 2017 Eclipse Shadow Cones
  Scientific Visualization Studio: Eclipse and the Moon's Orbit
  2017 Solar Eclipse Gallery
  Shadow and Substance
  Rainbow Symphony Store - Solar Scope (Viewing the Sun Safely)
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