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Total Solar Eclipse 2017

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YouTube: Alaska Airlines Solar Eclipse Flight #870
2017 Eclipse Path
Eclipse Classroom Activities
Primary Science Standards
Looking at a Standard
SIU Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Teacher Resources
SIU Total Solar Eclipse 2017 General Scientific Resources
Southern Illinois Teacher Eclipse Groups Science Activities
Activity: How Can The Little Moon Hide The GIANT Sun?
Why Do Eclipses Happen?
Citizen Cate
Bob Miller - Light Walk
YouTube: Bob Miller - Light Walk (1982) - Exploratorium
Mr. Eclipse - Solar Eclipses for Beginners
Scientific Visualization Studio: 2017 Eclipse from L1
Scientific Visualization Studio: 2017 Eclipse Shadow Cones
Scientific Visualization Studio: Eclipse and the Moon's Orbit
2017 Solar Eclipse Gallery
Shadow and Substance
Rainbow Symphony Store - Solar Scope (Viewing the Sun Safely)
Rainbow Symphony Store - Eclipse Glasses
Activity: Build a Sun Funnel
How To View The Eclipse Safely