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3rd Grade

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Announcements: Math Tutorials


Math Tutorials 


We will start the year with place value, addition and subtraction. Click on the link below and enter the quick code to see tutorials and lessons.
    Quick Codes
  • DR5AUGC       Understand the value of a digit in a multi-digit number
  • A2XE7BT          Compare the value of the digits in a multi-digit whole number
  •  MQ76SV9        Determining accuracy in rounding to the nearest ten or hundred
  • 6R9WSUJ         Round to the nearest ten using a number line
  • SHQYAUC        Round to the nearest hundred using a number line
  • 6HP6AW9         Choose the most efficient strategy to solve a word problem
  • CQ6VY29         Use place value strategies to add and subtract
  • RV5CS53          Solve addition problems using the partial sums method
  • K96DB84           Understanding the relationship between addition and subtraction to add and subtract within 1,000
  • J6FP7YE            Use addition to solve a subtraction problem
  • WX6UA6V           Decomposing to add on a number line
  • H9VE9UA            Comparing strategies of addition and subtraction to look for efficiency
  • D4KA7BB            Use decomposition and regrouping to add
  • QZ5GW54            Solve addition problems with numbers up to 1,000: regrouping
  • RT9F9T5               Solve two-step word problems using a model
  • VMCBD6P             Solve subtraction problems: using regrouping


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