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 Welcome to Ms. Feeman's Class!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!
Follow the link to visit our classroom website and check out our weekly reporter, and weekly spelling words!

 ELA Helpful Links

  Subjects and Predicates
  Complete Sentence, Subject, Predicate
  Types of Sentences
  Sentence Clubhouse
  Types of Sentence Trail
  Extra Practice for Types of Sentences (Links and Worksheets)
  Common Noun Game
  Noun Dunk (Common and Proper Nouns)
  Common and Proper Nouns
  Singular and Plural Nouns

 Math Help Chapter 1 and 2

  Place Value Games
  Place Value Puzzler
  Place Value Pirates
  Comparing Numbers Race
  Comparing Numbers Fruit Splat
  Balloon Pop Ordering Numbers
  Alligator Greater Than Game
  Magic Lamp Comparing Numbers
  Soccer Rounding (10's and 100's)
  Half Court Rounding (10's and 100's)
  Bike Race Rounding
  Math Balloons Rounding
  Properties of Addition Soccer
  Identifying Properties of Addition
  Properties of Addition
  Car Race Addition Properites
  Multiplication Games
  ARRAY multiplication
  Equal Groups Multiplication
  Equivalent Fractions
(More Links...)

 Upcoming Assignments and Events

There are currently no upcoming events.

 Contact Information

Ms. Feeman
phone number: 618-529-4151 ext. 165


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English-Language Arts
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