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 Who delivers social, emotional, and behavioral supports?

      Unity Point has a team of professionals that will help guide and support any student who might struggle with social, emotional, or behavioral needs.  The Social, Emotional, Behavior, Support (SEBS) team is lead by a certified social worker and behavior specialist but supported by all Unity Point staff.  Services may be provided for any student that is referred by their teachers or by the parent/guardian.  Once referred and consent is obtained a brief screening will be conducted to determine what type of services are most appropriate for the child's individual needs.  Some services may be provided without consent if the situation is considered a crisis or is considered as typical supports provided for all students.

      Listed to the right are links of some community resources that may be of interest.     

 About the lead professionals.

       The lead professionals of the SEBS team are; 


 Community Resources

  Shawnee Heath Care
  The Womens Center
  The Egyptian Health Department
  SIUC Clinical Center
  SIUC Autism Center
  Gateway Foundation