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 Technology Vision

It is the vision of Unity Point School District and its wider community for technology to be integrated in the learning environment and openly shared by all citizens. We are committed to provide equitable, accessible telecommunications, instructional and informational technology that supports teaching and learning.  All factions of the community demonstrate increased level of interest, involvement, and commitment to continually expand these resources to accommodate for growth and to stay on the cutting edge of new technology and learning tools and techniques. Unity Point School collaborates with SIUC, through the Professional Development School, research and grant funding efforts providing innovative and exemplary models of learning and teaching, to transform tomorrow’s classrooms and to induce the pursuit of excellence.

 School Improvement and Technology Planning

School Improvement Planning (SIP)

School Improvement is a continuous process schools use to ensure that all students are achieving at high levels. All schools, in collaboration with families, students, and communities, can create better environments so that all students are successful.

Illinois School Improvement Planning,

 An approved Technology Integration Plan  is required of Local Education Agencies (LEA)for participation in and eligibility for NCLB Title II Part D (EETT) funding, e-Rate reimbursement or discounts, and other state or federal funding initiatives, which support educational technology.

The primary goal of the Technology Integration Plan is to support School Improvement (SIP) goals and student achievement through technology integration. 


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