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Buncombe School

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Buncombe School which was once used as a "practice teaching" school for Southern Illinois University, just as Unity Point School is today..
The Buncombe School building existed from 1897-1956 when it burned down.  It was located at the intersection of Oak Grove Rd. and W. McGuire Rd. near Oak Grove Church.  It was once used as a teacher training school for Southern Illinois University.
The first Buncombe School, 1845, was a log building on the Bill Allen farm till 1856, and was a tuition school.  Buncombe was said to mean "nonsense and whooey".  The first school was moved two times, in 1856 to the Ben Wiley house when it  became a  free school, in 1880 to the Joe Rowan house.

Bill Allen farm used for Buncombe School.

The Buncombe Grade School had been built as  community theater.  Its floor was raised about a foot, and narrowed at the rear, with two side rooms.  The main room was for the audience, and the wall between the two side rooms was used to display WPA art work.

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last updated: 01/15/08