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Learn & Serve
Learn & Serve Unity Point History
Mrs. Duncan's Third Grade &
Mrs. Gholson's Fourth Grade


   The goal of our Learn & Serve project was to inform our Unity Point family and extended community of the history of our school.  We tapped into our community resources to learn more about the individual schools that joined together to form Unity Point School District #140.


    The community is the present and future U.P. citizens.  History is collected to detail the unique nature of our rural, unified district.

    Our students actively participated in this project by listening to and questioning guest speakers who  had been students in some of the schools that became Unity Point. The speakers we had  were Anna Lee Hiller (Makanda #134), Jack Earl (Buncombe #139), and Awanda Miller (Rock Springs, #138), Margaret Deming & Margaret Lindhorst & Ellen Heern Hilton (Pomona Ridge#135)  Jim Davis (Brown School #137), Grace Kempenaar, ,


    Historic Communities A One-room School,  by Bobbie Kalman was the basis of much of the background knowledge.  Also a fieldtrip to Purdy School with Mrs. Cross as our "teacher" depicted to the students what it was like to go to a one room school.  Reflective journals and discussions further developed understanding.

PURDY SCHOOL & Local schools 





Field Trip to see remaining one-room schools that had preceded Unity Point:

    In the Spring our classes took a bus trip to locate and see first hand what the schools looked like.  We were able to see Brown, Rock Spring, Wagner, Pleasant Hill, and Pomona Ridge.  At Pomona Ridge we got to go inside and see the windows, cloak rooms, row of windows that provided light.  On the outside we saw the separate outhouses used for the boys and girls.  The classes sat and sketched the outside of the school.


Southern Illinois University Practice Teaching Connection:

    Because many of the small schools that consolidated into Unity Point were practice teaching schools as they are now, our students were interested to learn that the student teaching coordinators were called "critics".


    Our students drew sketches of the seven one-room schools that came together to become Unity Point School Consolidated District 140.  These sketches were the basis for the clay reliefs constructed in Mrs. Mattingly's Art class during 2003 & 2004.  Former students along with two community members, Mrs. Debbie Asaturian and Mrs. Sandy Lant, assisted with the projects and painted the school house reliefs showing different seasons.   This project was completed in April 2004 and is on display at the West Entrance of Unity Point.


 These are displayed to represent the origin of Unity Point to the residents of our school community.  Unity Point began in December of 1957.

    We have Learned a lot about the background of Unity Point and our Service is to inform the community of how Unity Point came to be.  

  Other information about Unity Point's History can be seen in Mrs. Duncan's connection to Unity Point's website.  Click on History to view more information on the History of Unity Point.



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